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  The BCSD maximizes student achievement and social-emotional well-being by building a sense of community in safe, equitable learning environments.  

 Students are empowered to learn, lead, innovate, and serve as productive and caring citizens within their chosen paths of success. 



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2023-2024 Family
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Parents are required to personally fill out an OPt-OUT form for the following:
IF YOU DO NOT WANT YOUR CHILD’S DIRECTORY INFORMATION SHARED, PLEASE SIGN BELOW.  Note that this will also restrict the district from utilizing your child’s name, image, voice, likeness or creative work in publications. I do not allow district staff to share my child’s directory information.  I do not allow district staff and/or news‐ gathering organizations to interview, record, photograph, videotape or use my child’s likeness and name in publicity or news‐gathering purposes.  I do not want my child’s name, image, voice or likeness appear in any form of media communication (annual/yearbook, Internet, photography, publishing, recording or videotaping) generated by the Bibb County School District or news‐gathering organizations (news media).  Additionally, I do not wish for my child to participate in any Bibb County School District approved media or publicity interviews or discussions that may be used for promotional or news‐gathering purposes unless I direct otherwise. I do not allow district staff and/or news‐ gathering organizations to display my child’s creative work for publicity or news‐gathering purposes. 

This form must be personally delivered to the school.  The school will forward the information to District Personnel. 
Click Here for the form. 

Device Insurance
Parents can now purchase Loss and Theft device coverage for District-issued student laptops this year. Coverage is only $12 for the entire school year. To purchase Student Laptop Loss/Theft coverage, go to http://www.smarttechins.com/bibb or call 1-877-307-6777 for assistance.

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Parents, remember that report cards will not be issued on paper.  Please log into Parent Portal to see your student's information.

Need information about Parent Portal?  CLICK HERE for helpful information.

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