Chorus & General Music

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Seminole Chorus (Vocal Music):

This performance-based course is a sequential class between all 3 grade levels and is open to all interested students.  No audition is necessary to be a member, however there will be a pre-assessment of vocal range that requires scholars to sing for the director.  The degrees of difficulty for each grade level will vary according to the abilities of each class.  Chorus offers opportunities for musicians to develop team building and leadership skills.  Participation in concert performances outside of regular class hours is required. (WMS Syllabus)

Rhythm & Grooves (General Music):
This is a hybrid class that embodies music theory basics, voice, and the combination of traditional and non-traditional general music instruments.  Students learn guitar, electric bass, keyboard, some Orff and world percussion instruments traditionally and in application to popular music - R&B, Funk, Pop, Rock, etc.  Prior instrumental experience is not required.  Participation in performances outside of regular class hours is required.

Expectations and Goals:





  • Positive learning environment by working as a group towards a common goal.
  • Experience other choral performances to develop and enhance listening skills.



  • Perform in various concerts.
  • Learn, memorize and perform a various choral styles.
  • Audition for a various honor choirs (if interested) at various levels.
  • Develop concert etiquette skills.
  • Perform simple to complex rhythmic, melodic, and harmonic patterns.
  • Sight-singing.
  • Develop basic vocal/choral skills(singing posture, vowel/consonant placements, diction, breath support, choral tone, and resonance).
  • Learn and apply musical elements and theory to all choral literature.
  • “Real world” Connections - Political, Intellectual, Emotional, Social with music content